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Musical Team Building

Choral singing as a team building activity? "Of course!" exclaims conducted Vagn Egon Jørgensen, Human Entertainment. Within minutes, even the most painfully tone-deaf dental hygienist, the stiffest of office managers, the shyest bookkeeper or the bossiest Chairman of the Board is singing in harmony alongside colleagues in a well-tempered choir.
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Dancer Simone Sault

The lovely and talented Simone Sault is a choreographer, dancer and performer. Olympics fans have enjoyed her work during the jaw-dropping opening ceremonies in London and Sochi.
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Actress Caroline O'Connor

Design 2005-2018
Caroline O'Connor has the energy of three performers squeezed into one tiny frame. A true "triple-threat" - singer/dancer/actress, she's had her name in lights on Broadway, and graced the stages of London's West End, the Royal Albert Hall, and Sydney Opera House, among many others.

A shameful confession: when I got this gig, I had no idea who she was, but her Australian management only had to say: "Moulin Rouge" and I remembered the show-stopping tango scene from Baz Luhrmann's fantastic musical.

By the time I finished the site and listened to her many albums and watched the slew of video clips from her numerous performances, I emerged a true blue fan.

An England-born Australian of Irish descent, Caroline is a citizen of the world, dividing her time between London, New York and Sydney, where I will be found, standing in line for a ticket to her next performance.
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De lystige sømænd

Well-loved sailor-songs and salty humor make the Lusty Sailors a must for your next corporate or social event. Book early and often; these lovable sealions are very popular!
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Musician Tina Buchholtz

Singer, songwriter, composer, choir director, author, teacher, musician and more, Tina Buchholtz wanted a web site that could contain all the thousands of photographs, musical pieces, podcasts, articles, ideas and inspirations that spew forth from her creative imagination.
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Conductor Peter Ettrup Larsen

As seen on Danish television's (DR1) "Maestro", Peter knows how to shake a stick in front of an orchestra and make magic.

With photographs by Jes Eriksen, Peter's site is clean and crisp.
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Conductor Vagn Egon Jørgensen

The Jutland Light Orchestra, known in Danish as Det Jydske Underholdningsorkester, has an amazing conductor, Vagn Egon Jørgensen.

Vagn Egon plays a number of instruments himself, not least the accordian, an instrument close to his heart. Recently, Vagn Egon has taken up the organ and continues to hone his chops in churches throughout Jutland.
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Children's Musical Esmaralda

When your only friend is a scraggly hand puppet and when nobody values your talents, no matter how hard you try to meet expectations, it might be a good time to check out Esmaralda's musical universe.

Through music and a moral that touches adults as well as children, the Witch Esmaralda will have you dancing, rapping and probably playing the kazoo, whether you are normally the sort of person to do that kind of thing or not.
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Mt. Dora Lawn Bowling Club

UPDATE: The site is retired.
Lawn bowling is more fun than building a website, so the members of the Mount Dora Lawn Bowling Club asked us to provide a new look and general redesign.

The site features news and information pertinent to members and prospective new members. If you want to learn how to bowl, there are some instructional videos and an interactive glossary of terms.

Congratulations to the club for producing not one, but three members of Team USA!
I want to express my thanks for everyone's hard work and diligence in creating a classy, informative and professional web site.

We now have a web site that is commensurate with our club's standing as the largest lawn bowls club in the U.S. and the best social club in the area. I feel certain that our members will enjoy the site and want to visit it often.

Again, thanks to all involved and please visit us if you are ever in the Central Florida area.
Bud Ricucci President Mount Dora Lawn Bowling Club
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Village Video Productions

A small Kansas City wedding and event videography firm wanted to bring their website up to date and better showcase their creativity and professionalism.
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Actress Helen Mirren

British actress Dame Helen Mirren won the Academy Award for Best Actress in 2007 for her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II in Stephen Frear's film The Queen. Her web site, active and Helen Mirren's official website from 1998 to 2010, was devoted to her admirers, the Helen Mirren Appreciation Society (HMAS).

The site, active since the early days of the World Wide Web, included a comprehensive database of Helen Mirren's performances, complete with original reviews and ratings. There were many "community-building" features to the site, most of which are reserved for HMAS group members only.

Site retired in 2009
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Actor Per Pallesen

Per Pallesen
Per Pallesen's love of wine is as well-known as his jovial humor and joie de vivre. We designed a Flash-based wine cellar, where Per could respond interactively to visitors' clicks on selected wine bottles, theater posters and other active spots on the site.

Unfortunately Per was too busy running theaters, playing tennis and fulfilling all kinds of commitments so he chose not to renew his domain. A shame, for it was a very flashy site.
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Støvring Music School

"Livsglæde" means "joie de vivre" or the joy of life - and that is what Støvring Højskole, a Danish "high school", promises. With main courses in jazz, classical and folk music - designed to provide budding talents with the professional skills and experience to pursue a career in the performing arts, and a broad selection of summer courses for the whole family, it seems they deliver on that promise.

A new look for Støvring Højskole in 2008 to address a new marketing strategy:

Støvring Højskole

Unfortunately, the school was closed at the end of 2008 - at least as a musical high school. Hopefully the beautiful buildings and long history will continue in a new incarnation.
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Photographer APG

A portfolio site for some of Ann's favorite photographs.